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Life can be a little uncertain when your spouse is in the military. We’re proud to offer military spouses the opportunity, stability and flexibility they need to support their service member and families. The traits you share with your spouse – leadership, courage and conviction – are what we value. When you join our team, we want you to be able to continue your career with Bank of America in the event of relocation. We have great job transition assistance for employees relocating due to permanent change of station, as well as for employees with a spouse in the military.

As part of our continued support, Bank of America participates with the Military Spouse Employment Partnership to provide assistance and resources for military spouses.

Read how Bank of America supported a military spouse during her husband’s deployment.

Amanda Randall

Business Control Specialist
Belfast, Maine

I was a Team Leader in Unsecured Collections and Recovery in Orono, ME and was responsible for managing 20+ people, working a variety of schedules. As soon as I found out that my husband was deploying, my immediate managers were more than accommodating. This was our first deployment experience, and there were many meetings/functions that the families were expected to attend to be briefed on the deployment, which sometimes conflicted with my work schedule. I was always allowed to move around my schedule, take time off, etc., with no questions asked. The overwhelming response was one of doing what you need to do to support your husband and your family. One specific example was while my husband’s unit was in Louisiana training prior to shipping to Afghanistan, I received a phone call from him with 1 day notice that they were being given 4 days leave before they left and that my daughter and I could fly down to see him. I called my immediate manager, and without hesitation she said she would find coverage for my team, and that I should take as much vacation as I needed. I want to add that this was not the case with all of the wives that called their employers. Many that had other jobs were told they couldn’t take time off on such short notice. I felt proud to work for a company that thought more about my situation than how it would impact their business.

The entire year my husband was deployed, I had constant support and so much flexibility when it was needed. When he was due to return, I was given the ability to take vacation along with FMLA time to have an extended amount of time off to reconnect as a family. I had to worry about many things that year, but my job was not one of them.

I will always be grateful for all the support, and I know if he has to go again, I will have the same experience. The above and beyond benefits we give our military employees is one of the reasons I am proud to work for this company!

Thank you!