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We’re committed to hire 10,000 veterans in the next few years. Here are a few stories from veterans that we're proud to call Bank of America employees.

Hear from Bank of America employees

Kevin B

Learning Consultant II
Washington, DC area

Kevin B joined Bank of America after 11 years on active duty as a Marine officer in the late 90’s.  He currently works as a Learning Manager in Learning and Leadership Development, where he oversees the design and development of Military learning content and transition resources. Bank of America is committed to hire 10,000 veterans, guard and reservists over the next several years, and the goal of Kevin’s team is to assist transitioning veterans in finding employment in the civilian sector and support our company’s military hires as they adjust to the corporate workplace. 

Highlights of this support include content on Bank of America’s Military Transition and careers site on bankofamerica.com (militarytransition.bankofamerica.com), which provides veterans and their spouses information that can help them in their job search, including workplace and business knowledge. Kevin’s team built a Military Transition Action Timeline – an industry first – which helps veterans gather the information they need to make important decisions about their future. Starting from 18 months before they plan to separate from the military, the timeline helps them prioritize goals and objectives and clarify a path, whether it’s to school, entrepreneurship or employment.

Kevin continued to stay active in the Marine Corps Reserve while employed at Bank of America. He was mobilized in support of Operation Enduring Freedom in 2005 for several years and was away from the bank on an extended military leave of absence.  He recently retired from the Marine Corps as Colonel after serving in every major combat operation since 1990.  He is the proud husband of an active duty Lieutenant Colonel in the Air Force and has three teenage children. Given his unique position as both a military spouse and veteran, we asked Kevin for insight into his transition, how Bank of America has supported him, and advice for those looking to make the transition to civilian life.

How was your transition from the Marine Corps to working at Bank of America?

Looking back, my initial transition to corporate life was difficult.  The job search was a “full time job” during my last few months on active duty as a young officer in the mid 90’s.  At that time, there were not as many transition resources available to servicemen and women.   You had to be diligent in your job search.  A lot has changed in the wake of September 11th.  There is a greater understanding of how valuable a veteran can be to a team and an organization. The military, military support organizations and the private sector has become more engaged in assisting our veterans, especially Bank of America. 

How did you stay in contact with the bank during your military leave of absence?

Emails, written letters and care packages….and plenty of them!  The support I received from my coworkers and people I didn’t even know at the bank was fantastic. Once I was established in Iraq or Afghanistan the care packages started to flow!  It was overwhelming at times, especially during the holidays.  I was always glad to share the generosity with my fellow Marines and our NATO partners. It definitely kept the morale up.  I am very thankful for the support I received. My manager at the time was instrumental to the support I received from Bank of America. I can’t thank him enough for his efforts while I was away and his assistance in transitioning back to the workplace upon my return.

How has the bank supported you as a military spouse?

In 2014, my wife Jenn deployed with the U.S. Air Force to Kabul, Afghanistan for 6 months.  My manager, Karen Humphries, was very supportive to me and my family before, during, and after Jenn’s deployment. She would always ask how my wife was doing  during our weekly connect sessions, always made sure the rest of our team knew what Jenn was up to, and even sent Jenn a surprise care package for Christmas. My teammates at work were very supportive during a very stressful time.  Recently, my wife became a commanding officer of a squadron which is a huge step for her career. But she is not based near our home. My manager, Wende Stambaugh, worked with Human Resources to build flexibility into my work schedule, permitting me to telework part of the month from my wife’s base so we could be together during her time in command. Bank of America is very supportive of military spouses; they understand the importance stability brings to a military family.

What advice would you give to someone looking to transition out of the military to a corporate job?

Preparation. Have a plan. Execute!  Recognize that many employers are looking for your skill sets and traits. The vast amount of resources available on the internet and through non-profit organizations today to specifically assist active duty military and veterans is inspiring.  Even if you are stationed away from the United States, you can search and land a job via the internet. The Military Transition Action Timeline that Bank of America provides on its Careers website is a great reverse planning tool to assist those leaving the military and pursuing a career in the corporate workplace. Finally, America is proud of our military and its’ veterans. We at Bank of America recognize the sacrifice and service of OUR military families. As a veteran you will make a great addition to many other veterans working at Bank of America.  Good luck in your job search and your next great adventure!

Samantha Garcia

Leadership Development Analyst

Military Background – I served as a Surface Warfare Officer in the United States Navy for 4 years. I served onboard 2 Naval Warships as the Strike Officer and Damage Control Assistant. As the Strike Officer I was in charge of the Tomahawk, SM-2, and Harpoon Weapons Systems onboard a Cruiser. As a Damage Control Assistant my team was responsible for responding to any casualties, fire, flooding, or a chemical, biological, and radiological attack while I was onboard a Destroyer. I completed a deployment to the Arabian Gulf, a joint deployment with the British Royal Navy, as well as a Joint Warrior Exercise with many different navies.

I am currently a Leadership Development Analyst supporting the Consumer & Small Business, which employs approximately 70,000 associates. My team supports all of the processes that are involved with performance management, talent management, 360 feedback, and other programs supporting leadership development.

My military background has given me a strong sense of urgency needed to complete tasks in a timely manner, which enables me to be a useful resource when working with senior level executives. Learning and mastering the business is much like learning your command, you move every few years but take the knowledge that you have learned with you into your next role. The types of roles and responsibilities that I have had in the Navy helped me navigate from role to role at Bank of America at a quicker rate than my peers.

My advice to others would be that you are constantly working towards your next role, so learn and be involved with as much as possible so you are ready when the opportunity arises. Do not be afraid to take on a new opportunity, we do it all the time in the military when we transfer duty stations. The amount of opportunities that are out there is amazing, and you have to give yourself the chance to do it.

Joseph D.

VP, Market Sales Manager
Consumer Bank

At Bank of America, we’re proud to work beside thousands of veterans and spouses. Building on that, since 2014 we have hired 6,000+ service members toward hitting our goal of hiring an additional 10,000 veterans, guard, and reservists over the next several years. Since joining Bank of America in 2015, Market Sales Manager Joseph D. has found he often leverages his military experience in his banking role. Here’s Joseph’s story.

I commissioned in May 2008 as a Second Lieutenant into the Army Engineer Corps. My Army career consisted of numerous staff and leadership roles including: Combat Engineer Platoon Leader, Company Executive Officer, both Battalion and Brigade-level Human Resources Officer and Brigade Chief of Operations; and a deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom from December 2010 to December 2011.

Leaving the Army was one of the toughest (and in many ways the scariest) decisions I’ve ever made. Luckily, I and my family navigated through it and in 2015, I joined Bank of America through an MBA leadership development program in the consumer line of business. Two years later, I’m a Market Sales Manager responsible for 13 Financial Centers with more than 35 Relationship Managers.

My leadership experience in the military has been paramount to my success in this role. Very quickly, I had to adapt to a complex market with many direct reports. What I recognized was how similar it was to leading soldiers in the Army. Further, the experiences I gained in the Army allowed me to hone my interpersonal skills and truly connect with people of all walks of life – something that is essential to success in the private sector.

For anyone making the transition to civilian life, I’d say this: recognize your value. You may be starting over in a way, but your military experience gives you a leg-up on the competition. Leverage your military experience, continue to be humble, trainable, coachable and deliver, and you will get noticed.


Amanda R

Business Control Specialist
Belfast, Maine

We’re proud to offer support and benefits for military spouses.

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Jeanette E

Wealth Management Client Services
Jacksonville, FL

Jeanette Eason works in Wealth Management Client Services at Bank of America Merrill Lynch in Jacksonville, Florida. Coming from a long and varied career in the Air Force in public health, she was looking for a position where her skills could translate from military to civilian life.

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