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At Bank of America, we show our continued support of military reservists, veterans and their spouses by offering comprehensive benefits and programs. Our benefits are designed to meet the unique needs of military employees and their spouses.

From military leave to differential pay as well as transition assistance programs for relocating military family members, explore the support opportunities available to help you succeed in your new or continuing career.

Military Employees

You proudly served our country, and we recognize and show our appreciation for your service by offering a unique set of benefits and programs. Designed to make your life a little easier and help with your transition into the civilian workforce, our benefits and programs are just one way for us to give back to you. You’re eligible for our military leave, pay, benefits and support programs to assist in improving your financial life.

  • Paid military leave
  • Continued benefits coverage
  • Paid time off for Military Reserve or National Guard annual training

We invest in a range of benefits and programs that are competitive, diverse, and flexible enough to meet your work, personal, and family needs.

We know many of you continue to serve in the National Guard or Reserve. For both training and deployment, as a Bank of America employee you have a benefit of military leave, including full pay for 90 days, then differential pay for up to five cumulative years. MSAG will help keep you connected to the bank during your time away through their mentoring and transition program.

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